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Our family has bought several horses from Sosath and we have always been super happy. Sosath’s have a good eye for sport horses and their own breeding is top quality. They know the horses throughout and they give you all the information you need of the horses and answer all your questions you might have. They really care about their customers and always want to find the perfect match for you.

Nelli Pajuharju, Finnland

Familie Sosath lebt und arbeitet mit Herzblut auf dem Hof und die Philosophie trägt zum Erfolg und Authentizität des Unternehmens bei. Wir haben unser Traumpferd gefunden und uns kurz darauf auch noch in die Tochter unserer Stute verliebt. Nun sind wir ein wunderbares Mutter-Tochter-Team im Doppelpack. Die Betreuung durch Niclas Aromaa macht es perfekt.

Familie Wenzel, Schleswig-Holstein

Five years ago, I saw my favourite mare when she came to Niclas Aromaa and fell in love with her. After three years, I got a chance to buy her. Now it paid back. We have just made our first 1.40m class successfully. She was our fourth horse from Hof Sosath.

Annika Arolainen, Finnland

I purchased Capistrano ESH as a 2-year-old from Hof Sosath for my first young horse project. After talking with the Sosath team, they helped me pick out a sire that produced level-headed and talented offspring and further helped me select “Cappy”. He has far surpassed my expectations and I owe it all to the Sosath team, who were instrumental in helping me pick the perfect horse for my goals and aspirations.

Megan Forgie, Kalifornien/USA

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