Course training in Lemwerder: Ilena Kilian and Hendrik Sosath give advice for the indoor season

Over 50 rider-horse pairs experienced intensive training days under the guidance of our trainers Ilena Kilian and Hendrik Sosath. The event attracted not only the active riders, but also numerous spectators who watched the promising pairs train with great interest.

The main focus of the training days was on preparing for the coming season and the upcoming indoor season. With a view to the changes in the performance test regulations (LPO) for 2024, the training sessions were specifically geared towards the new requirements.

Particularly noteworthy was the course training, which focused on rhythm, forward tendency and flow. The trainers attached great importance to ensuring that the rider-horse pairs not only navigated the obstacles with technical skill, but also harmoniously and dynamically.

The training days in Lemwerder ended on a positive note and the riders will now return to their home stables stronger and well prepared. Expectations for the coming season are high, and spectators can look forward to exciting competitions when the participants put what they have learned into practice.

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Published at 13.11.2023