Ninja Sosath receives golden riding badge for outstanding performance

In an impressive ceremony Ninja Sosath was awarded the golden riding badge during the annual show in Lemwerder. With emotional moments, accompanied by the Riding and Driving School Oldenburg and with the participation of friends, family and Team Sosath, the extraordinary achievement of Ninja and her sport partner For Dance was honored.

Ninja Sosath's success story began in 1989 at RC Helle, where she took her first steps in equestrian sports. Under the riding lessons of Iris on the pony Prince she developed passion for equestrian sports. In 1996, she moved to the Riding and Driving School Oldenburg, where she was already successful with her horse Game Boy in the L jumping and L dressage and even won the district championship title.

From 2013 Ninja's way led her to Hof Sosath, where she was trained by Josef Freese. With the horses Beniro, Samson, Django, San Riant and Kardinal, she achieved remarkable successes, including victories in dressage horse tests up to class A with a score of 9.0 and starts up to M-level dressage.

In 2017, Ninja first made contact with Walter Kind and began training with him regularly in 2018, especially with her horse Kardinal. In the summer of 2020, the team finally formed with her new sport partner For Dance, the two took their first ride at the photo shoot with Kiki Beelitz.

The following years were marked by outstanding performances. In 2021 Ninja secured the title of National Rural Rider Champion and was also crowned German Amateur Champion. In 2022 she celebrated her first victory in the advanced class in Vechta.

Now, after only one year and four months, Ninja has achieved the golden riding badge with For Dance. This badge is awarded to riders who achieve ten wins in the advanced class, including one win in the S** class.

The special partnership between Ninja and her stallion For Dance, characterized by deep friendship, has led them to such extraordinary sporting achievements.

The ceremony to award the Golden Riding Badge was a memorable moment that honored Ninja's extraordinary journey in equestrian sports. With the support of her team, the Oldenburg Riding and Driving School, as well as close collaboration with trainers such as Josef Freese and Walter Kind, and last but not least, husband Hendrik Sosath and father-in-law Gerd Sosath, Ninja has continuously trained and increased her success.

Ninja Sosath is undoubtedly an inspiring personality and a role model for many young riders. Her dedication, determination and passion for horses have helped her to achieve these great successes and earn the golden riding badge. We can look forward to seeing what other milestones Ninja and For Dance will achieve in their promising careers.

Ninja, we are happy with you and congratulate you once again, your Team Sosath.

Photos: Julia Roßner

Published at 17.06.2023