Casino Grande, Vagabond and Cadora successful at the Hamburg Derby

Casino Grande in top condition: three clear rounds and therefore three placings went to the account of Hendrik and his favorite stallion in the CSI4* Classic Tour over 1.45m.

Hendrik Sosath is enthusiastic: "Casino Grande simply loves large arenas where he can make the most of his ground covering canter. It's a phenomenal riding experience."


The eight-year-old black stallion Vagabond also placed over 1.45m in the strong starting field of the Youngster Tour.


"Great round, great horse, great youngster!" commented Henner Höschen on the ride.

In the Speed Derby Cadora finished 4th after a lightning fast round. Due to two oversights Hendrik and Cadora had to accept eight penalty seconds, otherwise it would have even been the reserve victory.

Photo: LL Photo

Published at 22.05.2023

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