Workshop: Photography with Diana Wahl

Photographing horses in motion - workshop on 15.07.2023

You finally want to take the perfect dressage picture or capture a creative scene over the jump? Maybe free running pictures in a special location are on your wish list? 

Your problem is blurred pictures when the horse moves faster?
Do you have a bad feeling when you have to take pictures in the indoor arena? 
You know how to use your camera, but it's hard for you to hit the perfect phase?

That doesn't have to be the case! 

These are exactly the issues we want to work on in the workshop. 

If these problems seem familiar to you, you've come to the right place :) 

Then this is your workshop! 


How does the workshop work? 

On Saturday, 15.07.2023, a photo workshop on the topic of "Photographing horses in motion" will take place at the beautiful riding facility Hof Sosath near Bremen.

The facility is very new and really beautifully built. We are allowed to use the stallions and sport horses of the Sosath stallion station as models.

We will focus on the horse in motion and photograph the horses both in dressage and jumping with the various lessons, as well as in the hall and riding arena. Of course, a free-running session is also planned on the large meadows.

We start at 10 am until about 1 pm with theory in a lovingly furnished riders' room. After lunch we will start at 2pm with photography under saddle in the indoor arena and in the riding arena.

We will photograph different horses from the basics to the highest lessons of dressage, as well as over different jumps.

We will focus on the right settings for movement pictures as well as different perspectives and crops. There will also be a lot of focus and struggle with focus problems.

At around 4.30pm we will have snacks and then move on to image editing and I will present my workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop. We will look at colour & light editing as well as various retouching techniques. We will also look at highlighting and shadowing using Dodge and Burn, as well as editing difficult patterns or clipped horses.

Around 6 pm we will go out with horses to the meadow again and hopefully capture great pictures in motion in the sunset.

After the workshop there is the possibility to have dinner together with the group and let the evening come to an end.


What lessons will you take home with you after the workshop?

You can operate your camera safely and independently. 
You know how to finally get your photos in focus or what the problem is if it doesn't work yet. 
You are more confident in communicating with the rider/model during the shoot.
You know which phase is desired with horses in motion 
You know the Go's and NoGo's that are especially important for riding pictures
You have a plan how to realise free-wheeling pictures stress-free and easy everywhere
You know what is important when looking for a location
You know what equipment you (really) need
You know how to plan and implement photo shoots under the saddle and in the meadow.
You know what is important in post-processing and can put the finishing touches on your pictures.
You will meet like-minded people and (maybe) make new photo friends.

What do we photograph? 

We will be guests at the Sosath farm near Bremen. There, the sport horses and stallions of the stud will be available as models for us. The riding facility is very new and well maintained, so that no wishes remain unfulfilled on the large outdoor jumping ring as well as in the modern indoor riding arena. 

Of course, we will also be able to photograph horses in the open on one of the many meadows. Maybe there will even be a foal or two. 
The theory will also take place on site in a cosy riders' lounge.

What do you need? 

The equipment you have. Bring your camera and the lenses you have. Of course it's great if you have a focal length of 100mm or more - but absolutely not a must. I'm also happy to lend you my lenses or cameras to test and try out. 

If you want you can also bring your laptop, this is also optional. As the workshop takes place in the indoor arena, warm clothes would be a good idea.

The most important thing is your motivation to develop yourself and learn new things!

Is the workshop suitable for me? 

You already have some experience with photography (of horses), but would like to become more confident with horses in motion? 

You always have problems with movement pictures (blurred pictures, awkward phases, etc) and would like to finally make great riding pictures? 

You lack the plan and the routine for pictures in motion, so that you can manage the shooting in a safe and relaxed way? 

Your pictures are already quite good, but somehow that certain "something" is missing? 

Would you like to expand your portfolio with fancy pictures of widely trained sport horses? 

Then this workshop is perfect for you.


If you already have a lot of experience with pictures in motion or are even a competition photographer, then this workshop is less interesting for you. Maybe we will meet again at another workshop, for example studio photography? 

I have been working as an equestrian photographer for 8 years and won the Silver Camera for the best equestrian photo of the year in 2021. 

During these years, I was able to learn a lot and make even more mistakes.

It is exactly this knowledge and experience that I would like to pass on to YOU - so that you are happy and satisfied with your pictures ... and you can take the shortcut to better pictures ;) 

Diana Wahl

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Published at 23.05.2023