The online auction has started

Very promising youngsters at online action

From now on, you can bid on the 30 outstanding foals and the five fantastic broodmares of the 1st Sosath Online Auction. You can bid easily on the official auction website.

You are not sure if you want to buy a foal or broodmare? Just in case, we recommend you to make an account on the website. There could be time problems if you start five minutes before the auction ends.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the bidding procedure, the foals or the broodmares.

We are looking forward to a great auction weekend and send our best regards.

Sosath family and team

Here are the most important links for you: 

> Registrate as a bidder now

> How can i registrate as a bidder

> The official auction website by Dechow/Troostwijk (our site is just for presenting the horses)

> The collection of foals and broodmares

> Gerd Sosath answers: "Why do you organize an online auction?"

Gerd Sosath explains, what makes the online auction so special:

Which foals were selected?

"We found 31 very promising foals for jumping, dressage and eventing for you, each of them I would buy myself! From our breeding and our experienced breeders. Additionally, we can offer breeding mares from our successful dam lines."

Why should I buy a foal?

"As they grow older, the best horses sell for a lot of money. That is why you should have a look at outstanding foals. You can influence the rearing and the training. You, as a rider, get the chance to build a team with your future sport partner from early on."

Why do you sell some of your best broodmares?

"We are going to sell some of our best broodmares out of proven dam lines because we have already got several daughters out of them that we use for breeding now. By that, we give breeders all over the world the chance to start their own breeding with our successful dam lines. All mares were just checked by a vet and have become in foal easily. They stayed outside with their group during the whole year and taught their foals well."

Why an auction?

"This year, our breeding is more demanded than ever before. All around the world, offspring of our stallions are successful. And it was the best year for Hendrik, yet. The third place at the German Championships with Casino Berlin and the successful weekend with four self-bred horses at CHIO Aachen were the icing on the cake. The enquiry of horses from our breeding is enormous - we want to respond to that. Furthermore, we want to give our breeders another platform to sell their breeding products. The advertisements at our website are visited often and generate sellings. With this auction, we have an even bigger range to attract potential customers."

Why online?

"The online auction has many advantages for everyone involved. The breeders have to load and present their foal only once. After a comprehensive clinical vet-check, the foals can enjoy the summer on the pastures with their dams. The buyers can easily bid from home or far away. We examined each of the foals quite critically and would by them all - everyone can depend on that."

How can I bid?

"Firstly, a personal registration at the auction website is necessary. As soon as the auction starts on 20th of August, you can click on the horses that you want to bid on. Insert your net bid, click on "Prüfen Sie hier Ihr Gebot" and check the whole bid including bidding costs and sales tax. Finally, confirm your bid. Only then your bid is compulsory."

How long can I bid?

"The auction starts on Tuesday, the 20th of August, and ends on Sunday, the 25th of August. The individual biddings end in five minute intervals, to give you as a buyer, the possibility to bid on several horses at the same time. In the overview or at the horse details, you can find the end point of the bidding with the approximate time. The auction of each horse only ends, when nobody bids within five minutes to the end. When another bid is placed, the auction goes on for at least five more minutes, to ensure every bidder can place another, higher bid. This goes on until within five minutes, no bid is placed.

released on 06.08.2019
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