Concreto has passed away

Concreto, one of the most important stallions in Finland in recent years, is no longer alive. The Contender son was 25 years old.

Concreto performed at our stallion station before moving to the far north ten years ago. He was sold to Markus Lindblom via Niclas and Laura Aromaa. Concreto is just one of the many stallions who have had a significant influence on Finnish breeding through this connection. Our former sires Clintissimo, Ludwig von Bayern, Don Laurie, Satisfaction II, Levisonn, Ravallo and Cyber, for example, are or were also active at Markus Lindblom and Helasuo's stables. All of these stallions moved to Finland after a successful time at our station. 

Diamant de Plaisir took the opposite route and started his career in Finland. He was licensed as a champion stallion there and spent his first breeding year in the north. He then returned and was highly successful with Hendrik and Thomas Heineking right up to the World Championships for young show jumpers. In the meantime, Diamant de Plaisir has become Holger Wulschner's success horse and won the Grand Prix of Saxony in Chemnitz with him last weekend. 

Many thanks to the Finnish agents, stallion owners and grooms for this particularly good cooperation!

Concreto (Rüchel)
Ludwig von Bayern (Beelitz)
Levisonn (Eylers)
Diamant de Plaisir (sportfot)
Cllintissimo (sportfot)

Published at 09.11.2023