Catch Me P by Cador and Mylen Kruse become German U25 Champions

Last weekend, the Cador son Catch Me P and Mylen Kruse secured the title of German Champions in the U25 age group. In Riesenbeck, the pair fought their way further and further forward from round to round and finally took the title. Catch Me P was born in the stables of the Pfitzmann farm in Linde.

St. Georg writes:

"To do it again like this is indescribable," said the now reigning Women's German Champion and freshly crowned U25 German Champion - with two different horses, mind you. "It is not at all self-evident to have two such top horses in the stable. And I am really grateful that I have them," said Mylen Kruse. Trainer Patrick Döller, with whom the 23-year-old has been working for about half a year, was prevented from attending today. "He was there the two days before, (...) but we always talked through tactics a bit via WhatsApp. He just said, do it like you always do and then hopefully it will work. And it worked!" The thanks then also went to her horse. "Catch Me P is a gelding, I've been riding him since the end of February. He wants to leave the poles, is always careful, always wants to go to the other side."

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Photo: Equitaris

Published at 26.07.2023