Balve: Casino Grande in 9th place in the German Championships

The German Championships showcased some impressive performances from top equestrian athletes and their horses. Among the notable participants were Casino Grande and Hendrik, who once again displayed their remarkable skills and secured a commendable ninth-place finish. Joining them in the rankings were Diamant de Plaisir I and Holger Wulschner, who claimed the tenth spot. Adding to the excitement, a descendant of Levisonn clinched the bronze medal. Maximilian Weishaupt and DSP Omerta Incipit also made their mark as reserves champions in the prestigious LONGINES Optimum Prize.

We are incredibly happy to have two horses bred by Gerd Sosath placed in the Championship, along with a descendant of our stallions.

Vagabond and Hendrik consistently delivered outstanding performances. The duo's consistent displays of skill and precision led them to secure the seventh position in the Medium Tour finals. Claiming victory in this event was Michael Kölz with Lexi Grey by Lemwerder, a son of the renowned stallion Lordanos.

Ogano showcased its prowess in the Big Tour by delivering two impressive fault-free rounds over 1.45m jumps.

In the Youngster Tour, the six-year-old Diamant de Plaisir II, ridden by Hendrik, impressed the audience with a faultless jumping round. Although they incurred a slight time fault, their overall performance was exceptional and demonstrated great potential for the future.

Lara, sired by Lordanos and ridden by Linda Portychova, as well as Choccoloca, sired by Cador and ridden by Mynou Diederichsmeier, showcased their talents in the Balve Championship. Both horses and riders exhibited exceptional skills, securing respectable placements in their respective events. Choccoloca also earned the title of reserve champion in the preliminary round of the Grand Tour.

Fandora, a progeny of Cador, exhibited its talent by claiming the fifth position in the first evaluation of the German Championships for women. Quick and Fly, ridden by Mynou Diederichsmeier and sired by Quaid, achieved the title of reserve champion in the women's DM qualifying event. The pair's remarkable performance throughout the tournament earned them the bronze medal in the overall standings.

The success of these offspring in Balve brings great joy to all those involved, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and placed riders.

Photos: Johanna Milse, LL-Foto

Published at 12.06.2023