German Championships: Casino Grande without jumping faults in Balve

For Hendrik it went smoothly in Balve: With Casino Grande he remained in the first two rounds of the German Championships over 1.55m without jumping faults. But also the other stallions are in top form. Vagabond remained clear in both qualifications and placed over 1.40m in the Medium Tour, Ogano also completed two clear rounds in the Big Tour, most recently yesterday over 1.45m. 

Also the six-year-old Diamant de Plaisir II jumps in the Youngster Tour without jumping faults, only one time fault was recorded by the two.

Fingers are crossed for the final of the German Championships on Sunday at 2:30 pm. 

Video Casino Grande

Photo: Lafrentz, Casino Grande and Hendrik Sosath in Balve 2022

Published at 10.06.2023

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