PM-Seminar: Spectators could gather a lot of impulses for young horse training

On Wednesday, May the 31st, the PM Hybrid Seminar took place at Hof Sosath in Lemwerder. The Personal Members in Bremen had invited together with the Equestrian Association Bremen to this interesting event. Numerous visitors were welcomed that evening, who were either there in person or followed the seminar online.

The evening began with an exciting tour of the stud farm, during which Gerd and Hendrik Sosath took the visitors on a tour of their sport and breeding stables. During this tour, the participants were able to gain an insight into the rearing of young horses at the Sosath farm and how the young horses, sport horses and stallions are kept.

After the tour of the farm, the actual seminar program began. Gerd and Hendrik Sosath presented different approaches to useful young horse training in theory and practice. They showed how different training incentives can be used to improve the basic gaits, to strengthen the muscles in an age-appropriate way and to promote the general health of the horses. They paid special attention to suppleness, which is very important in the training of young horses. Walter Kind, the dressage trainer at Sosath, enriched the seminar with his expertise and many years of experience in training from young horses to Grand Prix dressage horses. He focused in particular on the dressage basics, which must be worked on over and over again in order to learn and recall movements correctly.

Veterinarian Dr. Bernhard Janetzko accompanied the seminar with his veterinary expertise and provided valuable insights from his perspective. He critically examined the topic and complemented the Sosaths' presentation with his expert input.

For the breeders among the seminar participants, there was an interesting presentation at the end: the speakers addressed the question "Which stallion for my mare?" and gave valuable tips and recommendations.

The PM Hybrid Seminar offered participants the choice of either attending in person at the indoor arena or watching the seminar from the comfort of their own home via a live broadcast. The online broadcast was provided by FN partner ClipMyHorse.TV, and viewers had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers in the indoor arena via a chat function.

The seminar was a complete success and offered the participants helpful insights into young horse training. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical demonstrations by the Sosaths, supported by the expertise of Dr. Janetzko and Walter Kind, made the seminar an enriching event for all horse lovers and breeders.

With the PM Hybrid Seminar at the Sosath farm, the Personal Members in Bremen and the Equestrian Association Bremen organized an informative and appealing event, which aroused the interest of the participants and stimulated interesting discussions. We hope that more such seminars will take place in the future to further promote the transfer of knowledge and the exchange among horse enthusiasts.

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Published at 02.06.2023