Semen order

You reach the Hof Sosath team from 7am until 6pm each day.
*Please note the difference to our Central European Time.

Please order semen before 10 am.

Hof Sosath
Depenflether Str. 5
D-27809 Lemwerder

Telephone:   +49 421 675863
Telefax: +49 421 678864

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Semen Order  - online

Name and full address of the mares owner!
Breeding Association, which the coverage is to report:
Details of the mare (name, age, UELN, pedigree):
Name and address of the responsible veterinarian who performs the insemination:
Delivery address:
If you choose specify delivery to (someone else) please complete the delivery address!
The semen
via overnight express (arrival up to 8 clock on the next business day) only in Germany*
I read the general terms and conditions
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