Breeding and Sport

The Sosath Family

Gerd Sosath


Gerd took over the family farm in 1983 and has expanded it constantly.

During his early riding years, Gerd rode dressage, jumping and eventing up to German championships.

Besides several German championship titles and victories in big competitions, one of Gerd's most memorable successes was in 1997, when he became “Bundeschampion” with his self-bred and trained stallion, Landor S.

In addition to his successes in sport and competition, he was distinguished with the state honour prize of special achievements in stockbreeding and is a board member on both the Oldenburg show jumping association and the "FN Zuchtausschuss".

He is not showing anymore, but he still rides about four horses daily, most of them breeding stallions. Gerd is responsible for the management of the entire company.

Hendrik Sosath


Hendrik completed an apprenticeship as a "Pferdewirt" with a focus on riding with Jo Hinnemann (dressage) and Wolfgang Brinkmann/Peppi Dahlmann (jumping).

Highlights of his career as a young rider were the receipt of the Golden Riding Badge in 2008 and the 4th place in the German Jumping Derby of Hamburg with the self-bred Laokoon by Lordanos in 2009. In addition, Hendrik was also awarded the prize for the stylistically best ride at this competition.

Numerous national and international victories and placings followed. In 2019, he won the bronze medal at the German Championships in Balve with Casino Berlin and successfully competed at the CHIO Aachen with the four homebred horses Cadora, Casino Berlin, Lady Cadora and Lady Lordana.

His goal is to train the young horses so well that he can be successful with them on all the big show grounds, for example at the Hamburg Derby, Nörten-Hardenberg, Herning (DEN) or Kronenberg (NED).

Inga Sosath


Inga was born and grew up in Oldenburg. She studied school educational theory and worked as a teacher until 1998. Since then, she has worked full time at the stud as manager, accountant, and bookkeeper. She is in charge of financial transactions including sales, semen orders, and other business that takes place at the stable.

Janne Sosath-Hahn


Janne studied business administration at the University of Münster. Her passion is events on the farm and good marketing.

As a show jumper, she was especially successful with Lordanos and Casiro, jumped the 2-meter wall and won the six bars. She collected over ten victories over 1.40m and became German Amateur Champion in 2020 with Cadora.

the team

Rainer Böning

Manager of the Insemination Station

Janet Bröscky

Professional Riding Master & Insemination Technician

Jacek Stasiuk

Facility Management

Jannes Schultewolter


Jandrik Tech


Sarah Heitzmann

Groom Hendriks horses

Janne Brandt


Klara Guntermann


Phillip Bahr


Christian Schröder


Lena Grünholz


Anna Christians

Herd management, breeder relations and website

Gabriele Gley

Office Work & Customer Service

Frauke Stümper

Office Work & Customer Service


  • 1647

    mentioned historically

    The history of the farm and the Sosath family goes back to the 17th century; the first records date back to 1647.

  • 1908

    Farmstead near the river Weser

    From the early days, the farmstead of the family was in Depenfleth near the river Weser. Originally, the house was a classic farmhouse with the cattle tract in the front. After a fire destroyed the property in 1908, the house and the central stable were reconstructed as they still exist today.

  • 1950

    Horses have always been present on the farm in Lemwerder. However, horses in the early days were used primarily as working animals because the main focus of the business was based on dairy cattle, steer, swine breeding and raising. As was typical for a farm of that time, there were also geese, ducks and chickens on the property.

  • 1982

    Focus on horse breeding

    When the farm was handed over from Heino Sosath to his son, Gerd, in 1982, the operation and focus of the business changed entirely. From then on, horse breeding became the primary business of the operation.

    While initially there was still income from rearing pigs and cattle for meat production, the number of horses continuously increased. Horses were acquired or bred at home, and were always ridden and shown by Gerd Sosath himself– mostly in jumping classes, but also in dressage and eventing.

    In 1983, the construction of the first indoor riding arena allowed the horses to be exercised and trained at any time and in any weather. The first indoor arena was rather small, 15x35 m, which was not optimal, but was an important start for the up and coming stable. Ten adjoining boxes offered enough space for the riding horses.

  • 1985

    The first indoor was extended

    In 1985, the indoor riding school was extended to 15x50m and a horse walker was built. During the following years, the stable was extended and redeveloped. The boxes which previously housed pigs and cattle were convered to horse stalls to accomodate the growing numbers of horses for riding, breeding and competition.

  • 1988

    In 1988, the construction of a straw and hay store and garage building, as well as a small lunging circle, was completed.

  • 1993


    The stallion station was founded in 1993, when our home-bred stallion “Landwerder”, by “Landadel”, was licensed and accredited. He was the first of three licensed sons out of the élite mare, Fureida II bred to Landadel. Landor S followed and then the champion stallion Lagoheidor G. Landor S remained at the stud.

    The demand for his semen was so high that an insemination station was built.

  • 2002

    The champion stallion: Stedinger

    In the following years, more and more stallions were stationed at the stud, whether home-bred or purchased. Show jumpers were the main focus in the selection of stallions standing at stud; until 2002, when the home-bred stallion Stedinger created the breakthrough in the breeding of dressage horses. After producing countless impressive offspring, he became the champion stallion of the Oldenburg Stud Book.
    In the same year, ten stallions were in service at the Sosath stud.

  • 2009

    final construction phase

    In 2009, the stable was once again expanded to include a beautiful and modern facility, which included a much larger indoor arena (25x60m), stable tracts with grooming stalls, hospitality room, staff flats and an office. A large pen for youngsters and broodmares was also built. This "playpen" of sorts allows our young horses and broodmares to have room to grow and play, while simultaneously sheltering them in harsh winter months.

  • 2021


    At present all family members are involved in the company and are supported by a team of highly motivated and qualified employees to maintain and run the company which cares for approximately 300 horses.

Successful horses

Our Philosophy

"Hof Sosath" or "Stallion Station Gerd Sosath" is a premium stallion stable and sales barn situated in Lemwerder, Germany (Northwest Germany, near the Weser River). At our stable, we aim to produce well-educated and talented horses for international Grand Prix riders and amateur riders alike. We strive to partner our clients with the ideal horse to fit their riding ability, experience, height and other personal preferences, in order to find the best match for horse and rider. We also offer a variety of young prospect horses for jumpers, hunters, equitation and dressage; as well as semen from over 30 stallions, available locally or internationally.

"Breeding and Sport together in One Place"

Our philosophy and slogan, "breeding and sport in one place", runs through all activities on the property, connecting the breeding, raising, educating and showing of our horses. This fluidity gives each horse a solid and positive upbringing; something we believe to be quintessential in the making of a champion. To stay true to this philosophy, we aim to work individually with each horse from the very beginning; carefully choosing the best stallion for each of our broodmares; attentively watching after our foals during their birth and first years of life; conscientiously introducing them to the halter, bridle, saddle and rider; and later, thoughtfully training and competing them at shows.

Breeding with Character

We offer a wide spectrum of modern jumping and dressage stallions out of both proven German lines, and other interesting international bloodlines. We work with our stallions every day, so we have extensive knowledge of their individual character and physical traits. We have also seen first-hand the offspring from previous year(s) and have assessed the dominant genes of each stallion, allowing us to be quite confident when suggesting the best stallion to meet the needs and wishes of each breeder. Some stallions connected to our more than 20-year-old breeding program include Landor S, Lordanos, Stedinger, Quality, Ampère, Levisonn, Ludwig von Bayern, Casino Berlin, Casiro and Cador. For a full list, please visit the link "Stallions" on our website.

Breeding Stallions at Competitions; Engaged in all aspects of Sport

Sport means showing not only our studs' offspring, but also the sires themselves. We believe that in addition to an impressive performance at special stallion shows, breeding stallions should be able to prove their skills at national and international competitions. Competitions require the stallions to repeatedly demonstrate their rideability, intelligence, willingness to work and perform, quality of movement and (for jumpers) technique, carefulness and scope. This allows individuals to learn and follow the history and true characteristics of our stallions, a recognition that we believe makes selling their offspring easier and more profitable for our breeders.

Proven Success

Our dedication to meticulous breeding and sport has proven incredibly successful for our stable. Several international riders have put their trust into horses out of our stallions, many of whom were bred, raised and trained by our team. Internationally successful horse-and-rider combinations connected to our stable include: Cian O'Connor (IRE) and Blue Loyd, by Landor S (London olympics, individual jumping bronze medalist); Jonathan Miller (CAN) and Contino (World Equestrian Games, Kentucky); Nayel Nassar (EGY) and Lordan by Lordanos x Landor S (winner of $1Mio classes); Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) and Let's Fly, by Lordanos; and Philipp Weishaupt and Leoville, by Landor S. Countless amateurs in Germany and around the world are also happy and successful with horses from our stallions and/or raised and trained by our team here in Lemwerder.


Offspring evaluation Federer

During the foal show 2022 the first foal crop of Federer was evaluated.

Foal shows 2022

The picture gallery of the foal shows of the Oldenburg associations and the Hanoverian Association. 

Training day 2022

About 20 talented rider-horse pairs came to Lemwerder on Saturday, March 26th, to participate in a dressage training session with Ninja Sosath with their offspring of Sosath stallions.

Late Entry Turniere im Mai

Impressionen der Late Entry Turniere 2022 auf dem Hof Sosath.

Online Stallion Show 2022

Impressions of the first online stallion show on February 12th, 2022

>> Watch the complete stallion show on YouTube

>> The trailer of the online stallion show

Training Days 2021

Around 70 talented rider-horse combinations came to Lemwerder on the weekend of the 6th and 7th November to take part in a jumping training course with Raimundas Udrakis with their offspring of the Sosath stallions.

Foal show OL 2021

At the foal show of the Oldenburg Verband, the two young stallions For Austria and Moreno convinced with their first foal crops. Vivaldos also once again underlined his qualities as a sire. 

Auction selection Hanover 2021

On the 30th of June 2021, the Hanoverian Association picked their candidates for auction at our foal shows. Hanover's Director Wilken Treu and Iris Borchers saw promising foals.

Foal show OS 2021

More than 65 promising foals of the Springpferdezuchtverband Oldenburg-International were presented at our farm on the 29 th of June 2021. 

Foals of 2021

Our first foals born in 2021 are enjoying the sun in the fields.

Online stallion show 2021

Impressions of the Online Stallion Show on 13/02/2021.

>> Watch the highlights of the show here (Youtube)

>> Watch the whole show here (Youtube)

>> Trailer 1st online stallion show

German Amateur-Championships 2020

Janne and Cadora became "German Amateur Champions 2020" in Münster-Handorf.
Lisa Kleine Lamping and Quite Dynamite by Quality, bred by Josef Freese, won the new "Amateur Rider-Championships" on medium level.

Autum 2020

Beautiful Autum in Lemwerder

Foal shows

Oldenburg foals (Oldenburg and Oldenburg-International) and Hanoverian Foals were presented on the 9th and 10th July 2020 at our stud.

Foals 2020

Our first foals born in 2020 are enjoying the sun in the fields.

Stallion show 2020

Impressions of the stallion show at Vechta on 08/02/2020.

>> Watch the whole show here (youtube)

"Breeders' Advent" 2019

Impressions of the "Breeders' Advent" on December 6th 2019.

Video-Impression ClipMyHorse

OLB-training day 2019

Impression of the OLB-training day at the 17th of November 2019 

Classic meets horses

Impressions of Classic meets horses on the 28th of September 2019

Collection of the 1st Sosath Online-Auction

The auction collection is online

>> All information about the foals and broodmares can be found here

Foal shows 2019

120 Oldenburg foals (Oldenburg and Oldenburg-International) were presented on the 9th and 10th July 2019.

Bronze medal for Hendrik and Casino Berlin at the German Championships 2019

Foal 2019

Impressions of the first foals of 2019

Hamburger Derby 2019

Impressions of the Hamburger Derby

> Groom-Blog

Fourth competition at stud

Impressions of the fourth show at our stud 

Stallion Show 2019

Impressions of the stallion show at Vechta on the 9th of February 2019.


"Breeders' Advent 2018"

Impressions of the 9th "Breeders' Advent" on December 21st 2018.

Video-Impression ClipMyHorse

Training days 2018

More than 100 riders of offspring of our stallions came to the jumping and dressage training days on the 10th and 11th of November and on the 1st and 2nd of December

Foal show 2018

150 Oldenburg foals (Oldenburg and Oldenburg-International) with the evaluation of Comme Prévu's and Fürst Fabrice first foals on the 3rd and 4th July 2018.

Hamburger Derby 2018

Impressions of the Hamburg Derby

> Groom Blog article 

Foals 2018

Impressionens of the first foals 2018

Third Junior Show with Young Jumper competitions

Impressions of the third show at our stud

5th Easter Ball 2018

Impressions of the 5th Easter Ball on the 1st of April 2018

Stallion Show 2018

Impressions of the stallion show at Vechta on the 10th of February 2018.

Breeders' Advent 2017

Impressions of the 8th "Breeders' Advent" on December 2nd 2017.

Video-Impression Kiki Beelitz

Training day 2017

Rider of offspring of our stallions came to the jumping training day on the 31st of October 2017.

Summer impressions 2017

In occasion of an article about our stud in the magazine St. Georg, Kiki Beelitz came to us for a photo shooting. Here are the impressions:

The Old Masters 2017

"The Old Masters" with Monica Theodorescu on the 11th of September 2017.

Foal show 2017

150 Oldenburg foals (Oldenburg and Oldenburg-International) with the evaluation of Devonport's, Diamant de Plaisir's, For Dance' and Ogano's first foals on the 4th and 5th July 2017.

Foals 2017

Impressions of the first foals 2017

Second competition

Impressions of the second competition at our stud.

Open Day 2017

Impressions of the Open Day 2017

>> Video clip I (

>> Video clip II (

Stallion Show 2017

Impressions of the big stallion show in Vechta on February 11th.

Winter impressions 2016

Winter wonderland...

Breeders' Advent 2016

Impressions of the 7th "Breeders' Advent" on December, 2nd 2016.

Training Days 2016

Riders of descendants of our stallions came together for the training days on the 5th and 6th of November.

OLB training day 2016

Impressions of the OLB training day on October 14th 2016.

Foal show 2016

150 Oldenburg foals with the first offspring of Beniro, Casalido, Casino Grande and Honoré du Soir at 05.07.2016.

Die Alten Meister

"Die Alten Meister" with Klaus Balkenhol on June, the 6th 2016

Foals 2016

Impressionens of the first foals 2016

First competition

Impressionens of the first competition at Hof Sosath

Open Day 2016

Impressions of the Open Day 2016.

4th Easter ball 2016

Impressions of the 4th Easter ball at the 27th of March 2016.

Breeders' Advent 2015

Impressions of the 6th "Breeders' Advent" on December 19th 2015.

Foal shows 2015

Foals of the horse breeding associations OL and OS.

3rd Easter Ball 2015

Impressions of the 3rd Easter-Ball on April 5th 2015.

Open Day 2015

Impressions of the Open Day 2015.

2. Osterball 2014

Impressions of the 2nd Easterball in 2014.

Züchter-Advent 2014

Impressions of the 5th "Breeders' Advent" in 2014.

Foal shows 2014

Foals of the horse breeding associations, OL, OS and Hanover at Hof Sosath.

Open Day 2014

Several guests came to visit our stud, the great programme, the foal championships, the stallions and the big exhibition on Easter Saturday.

Züchter-Advent 2013

Impressionens of the 4th "Breeders' Advent" on 6th of December 2013.

Training Day 2011

Riders of offspring by the stallions got a training in dressage and jumping.

Foal Shows 2013

Every year, Hof Sosath holds the Oldenburg and Hanovarian foal shows, where breeders present their Oldenburger and Hanoverian foals and can have them branded and registered.

>> Videoclip of the foal shows

>> Photo-Gallery of the foal shows

Seminar for riders and trainers 2013

"Innovative training for riders" discussed and presented by the experts: Eckart Meyners, Dörte Behrmann and Hannes Müller.


Open Day 2013

Get an impression of Hof Sosath's Open Day 2013.

1st Easter Ball 2013

You will see many more photos from the 1st Easter Ball via this Link.

Stallion Show Vechta 2013

Impressions of the big stallion presentation and show at Vechta, on February 9th 2013.

Breeders' Advent 2012

Impressions of 3rd "Breeders' Advent", on December 7th, 2012.

>>> Videoclip (2011, 2012 will follow soon)

Training Day 2012

3rd training day (jumping and dressage) for riders with horses by Hof Sosath stallions. 

6. Unternehmerforum Wesermarsch

Impressions of the 6. entrepreneur talk "Wesermarsch"...

Foal shows 2012

Foals of the associations OL, OS and Hanover at Hof Sosath.

Open Day 2012

Get an impression of the event "Open Day 2012".

The first foals of 2012

In April 2012 the just born foals could go in the field for the first time.

You can watch the photos of that day below.

Stallion Show Vechta 2012

Photos of the big stallion show in Vechta on February 12th 2012

Breeders' Advent 2011

Impressions of 2nd "Breeders' Advent" on 9.12.2011.

Foal-shows 2011

Get an impression of the foal show 2011.

Open Day 2011

The best impressions of the Open Day with foal-championships, stallion-presentation and exhibition.

Impressions of the stallion show 2011

Stallion show in Vechta 2011 - Photos by Kiki Beelitz

Breeders' Advent 2010

Photos from Breeders' Advent on December 10th 2010.

First day of winter 2010

It was very freezy in Lemwerder in the end of November.

Foal show 2010

An impression of the foal show 2010.

Trainingday 2010

Here you find the galery of the trainingday!


Open Day 2010

Impressions of the Open Day 2010.

The Sosath court

Get an overview of the Stable.


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